The steering group

Our mission statement:

SPAN: a hands-on history project brings people together to research the history of Single Parent Action Network (SPAN). SPAN was formed in the 1990s by a group of Bristol women who wanted to make life better for one-parent families. Our aim is to tell their story. The Steering Group supports the project to be successful, and monitors its progress. It is important to us that everybody in the group is heard, and that the project works in an inclusive and non-oppressive way. The Steering Group meets three times a year and can also be convened as needed if an urgent issue arises.

The steering group:

  • Annie Oliver
  • Catherine Lecointe
  • Lorna Henry
  • Jenny Barke
  • Josie McLellan
  • Jude Hutchen
  • Nicole Andrieu
  • Sue Cohen
  • Tim Cole
  • History Group representatives¬†