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We are pleased to be supported by AHRC to deliver a new 12 month project called Creative Connections starting in August 2021.

Creative Connections is an Art Engagement Project where under-represented parents can share their experience of the pandemic and contribute to changes for all families to thrive in the future.

The project was generated in response to issues arising for families involved in the SPAN Hands on History project during the first lockdown.  It became very clear that families living with a disability, those from minority communities/ global majority, on low incomes as well as single parents felt greater impact from the pandemic than other families.

Wellspring Settlement is working with the University of Bristol to engage parents in art workshops, both face to face as well as online, to share these experiences and connect people as well as generate material for a campaign in 2022.  This will shape a Policy Paper with recommendations for change to present to local and hopefully national decision makers based on your experiences and ideas.  We will also work with Rising Arts Agency (an agency supporting local disadvantaged young people into creative industries) to generate an awareness raising campaign of 9 billboards and over 300 posters to present your experiences and ideas in public.

Join us as a participant!

We want to hear your story of parenting and what you think would make a difference to your family in the future.

Join the art programs running in November 2021 and March 2022! 

We particularly want to hear from you if you are from a family living with a disability, from a minority communities/ global majority, a single parent or live in an area of deprivation.

For more info contact:

Jude Hutchen,  Art Research Coordinator – Community Inclusion Team

07762 195202  or 


Creative Connections Poster