Barton Hill Settlement

Barton Hill Settlement is a locally driven organisation which seeks to reduce social isolation, including the causes as well as the effects. We strive to offer quality provision that is inspiring, which provides opportunities for the community through activism/volunteering and celebrates the diversity and strengths of this neighbourhood.  The services we provide are focused around three impact areas: improving economic resilience, supporting the development of strong families and actively encouraging community inclusion.

Feminist Archive South

The Feminist Archive South holds one of the most significant collections of women’s activist histories in the UK. The archive was set up by activists of the Women’s Liberation Movement 40 years ago in 1978.

They realized that they were amassing a valuable body of information and ideas and initially the archive was opened as a resource centre to give women the knowledge and power to take action in their own lives.

Over time the archive grew and now tells the story of how activists struggled for gender equality in the period from 1969-2000.

Ten years ago the archive moved to the Special Collections in the Bristol University Library where is it cared for by our wonderful archivist Hannah Lowery and the special collections team.  The archive consists of over 160 metres of diverse archive materials ranging from oral histories, the personal papers of women activists, to pamphlets, posters, banners, badges, photographs and periodicalsl.